An American Success Story – In 1990, the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, mandating comparable transportation for passengers with disabilities. Born out of compassion, dedication, and commitment to excellence to help members of the community who seemed to be forgotten. In 2007, realizing the limited transportation options for the elderly, people with disabilities, and mostly vulnerable citizens. The Best Transit, established and began to provide Non-Emergency Transport (NEMT) to primarily Medicare and Medicaid recipients. This commitment to providing excellent services to all internal and external stakeholders remains the CORE Value of the organization.

Today, The Best Transit, still operates under its founders’ guiding principles. The needs of people drive our company, literally and figuratively. People come first—always. And that means providing the right mobility services at the right time and at the right price. The Best Transit has grown substantially now representing numerous public and private transit agencies, Charter Schools, and private companies in performing their transportation needs. We are proud to be one the largest privately-owned transportation company providing paratransit, fixed route, shuttle and school bus services.

Our experience and commitment to quality will greatly benefit your transportation needs. In partnership with you, we will share new ideas, bring new technologies also leverage existing technology, and explore new ways to improve mobility in your community. For the past 20 years of experience in diverse specialized mode of transport and with a team of competent personnel, The Best Transit, has already and remains the primary transportation provider for municipalities, transit agencies, school districts, private clients and Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

AT Best Transit, we want to inspire people to live life fully by awakening them to the right choices for themselves and each other. As the healthcare industry changes and evolves, we’re changing too. We’re growing and re-shaping to become an organization that is committed to helping people achieve lifelong well-being. The Best Transit is an organization where change is constant, and we always have our consumers in mind. We’re known as an innovator in our industry, with a history of being out front of where healthcare needs to go.


USDOT Member

HIPPA Compliant

OSHA Complaint

NHTSA Complaint

We meet strict credentialing and insurance standards established by National, State, Local jurisdictions and our Broker’s mandated standard.

Safety and Privacy Standard

We practice and live by safety standards in compliance with OSHA standards. Every employee is screened under rigorous criminal background checks prior to employment. In addition, we routinely run motor vehicle reports on our drivers moreover, we employ OSHA compliant safety standard to provide safe services to all out internal and external stakeholders.We comply and train our personnel in all HIPAA Privacy Rule standards to protect all our consumers and their privacy. individuals’ medical records and other personal health information and applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically.

Customer Service Quality Standards:

We believe our customer is always right and aims to provide a seamless experience in all our transactions. We focus on giving each guest the individual attention they deserve. Our history of exceeding customer expectations is a result of our focus on driver training, vehicle maintenance and technology. Moreover, we train our employees in offering exemplary service, standard etiquette at resorts, professional attire and grooming, operational policies and area knowledge training.